Dental Bridges in Harker Heights, TX

Crowns are needed when your tooth has suffered from severe decay and cannot be fixed with filler. These teeth are severely damaged. Crowns cover what remains of the tooth and helps ensure that the strength, aesthetics, and function are all restored. There are several options of material available and our doctors at Gentle Touch Dentistry in Harker Heights, Texas, are happy to go over them with you individually. Call us today! 254-698-4698
Bridges are used when tooth loss happens because of decay, injury, or gum disease. The loss of the tooth can make your dental health worse if it is not fixed. The teeth surrounding the missing tooth can begin to move towards each other and cause pain. Bridges allow for your doctors to close any gaps that form due to missing teeth. Bridges act just like natural teeth and is permanent.
Teeth Crown - Endodontic Therapy (Root Canals) in Harker Heights, TX