Dental Sedation in Harker Heights, TX

Do you have anxiety as soon as you walk through the door of a dentists office?

There is no need to fear! You will have the best experience here at Gentle Touch Dentistry in Harker Heights, Texas. We will ensure that you are not afraid by providing relaxing sedation dentistry. Whether we use IV sedation or Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas), we will ensure that you are anxiety free while we perform your procedure.
Gas Mask - Emergency Services in Harker Heights, TX
IV sedation is used if the laughing gas is not enough to do the necessary dental treatment. This is done by putting the sedative medication directly through the vein like it would be for any other surgery.

Laughing Gas can help the most anxious patient. It is one of the most common ways to perform dentistry on anxious patients. The gas elevates your mood and helps you to relax.

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