"I thoroughly enjoy going to Gentle Touch Dentistry. The doctors and staff are extremely pleasant. They take their time with what they are doing. My kids enjoy seeing them as well. They will help you out by allowing you to make payments if need be. I love getting the Christmas card from them each year at Christmas time. Not many businesses do that. To me, that kind of makes you feel like part of the Gentle Touch family. I would recommend Dr. T or Dr. F to anyone. They are very caring and you can tell they love their job."
— Jacquelyn
"From the moment I made contact with Gentle Touch Dentistry concerning my tooth that BADLY needed an extraction, I was treated with care. Dr. Tahmoresi and the GTD staff were professional, comforting, and caring. Thanks Dr. T and GTD!"
— Erica
"Dr. Tahmoresi is the best. I was looking for a good dentist for awhile now and finally when I couldn’t handle the pain anymore I went. My wisdom tooth needed to be extracted...she did it the same day and I didn’t feel anything. Nothing at all. The staff is really really nice and gives you a comforting feeling. I recommend this dentistry to everyone!"
— Sam