Removing Teeth in Harker Heights, TX

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Tooth removal means that it has to be taken from it's socket in the bone. There are different kinds of extraction.
Tooth in dental tweezer - Teeth Whitening in Harker Heights, TX


This is done on a tooth that can be seen and is not under the gum. Simple extraction is for teeth that are loose and easily removed with the least amount of effort, with no need for cutting or suturing. Our dentists will loosen your tooth with an elevator and use forceps to remove the tooth from your mouth.
Dentist doing a tooth removal surgery - Crowns and Bridges in Harker Heights, TX


If a tooth has broken at the gum, the surgeon will make a small incision to remove the broken tooth. It will then be closed up with a suture and will be clotted over. Do your best not to mess with the clot as this can open the wound and cause bleeding.
Aftercare: Ice packs can be placed on your face to reduce the swelling that will occur after an extraction. This is typically done for 20 on and 20 off. If your jaw is sore after the swelling is gone, you may use a warm compress on your jaw. You must be sure to not mess with the clot that will form where the tooth was removed. Make sure you eat soft, cool foods. Rinse with warm salt water to help keep the site clean .

Follow all other instructions provided by us following your extraction. If you have any further questions, please call us. 254-698-4698